Why Indian Students Opt For Abroad MBBS Universities? - SCHOLAB OVERSEAS EDUCATION

Among Indian students, MBBS is one of the popular choices. But, those who are aiming to enter the field are facing lots of difficulties. The known fact is that becoming a doctor involves a lot of completion and money. It is because of the availability of fewer seats in various government colleges when compared to the number of medical aspirants in the country. If you are an aspirant candidate planning to study in India, you need to clear the NEET examination. If not, you need to take a gap year for further preparation of NEET. This could waste you a year, where there is an alternative for you is to study MBBS abroad.

There are so many reasons why Indians prefer to study MBBS abroad. When you plan to pursue your MBBS abroad, you need to select the best consultancy for MBBS abroad. The experts assist you in a precise way, you to pursue MBBS abroad. When studying abroad, you would explore many things and finish your education without any hassles. Here, let’s see the reason why most Indian students are opting for Abroad MBBS. 

Reasons to Pursue MBBS Abroad:

Tough competition and fewer seats in a medical college in India have made many Indian students quit their dream of studying MBBS in the country. MBBS abroad education is the hope for students to fulfill their dreams. Here check out the reasons:


The main reason to select the abroad universities to pursue MBBS education is that foreign medical colleges have world-class infrastructure. It has all the modern facilities and the latest equipment with enough resources for research and experiments. The infrastructure in the abroad universities is better than that of most medical colleges in India. The well-furnished labs, laboratories, and research centers with the latest equipment and resources are crucial for the learning experience of any medical student. If you have any queries about the infrastructure of the university, better contact the MBBS abroad consultants in India. The experts will explain you in detail and let you know by contacting the previously sent students. 

Cost Of Study:

As the fees of a private medical college in India are high and so many medical aspirants cannot afford it. When you compare the cost of private medical colleges in India with foreign medical colleges, the cost of the study is even less in foreign medical colleges. Therefore, many Indian students are choosing the abroad MBBS universities. If you want to get a clear idea of the cost of study abroad, you should look for the MBBS abroad education consultants. The experts provide you with detailed information about your cost of studies, from the university fee to food expenses to accommodation. They will provide all the information related to your queries. 

MCI Approved:

The Medical Council of India (MCI) approves the degree received from a medical college. Those who hold the abroad medical degree only need to appear and qualify for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) to get a medical license to practice medicine in India. 

No Separate Entrance Exam:

As to get admission in India, students need to qualify for the NEET entrance test, which is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) in India. The qualified students only are eligible to get seats, but to pursue in the abroad universities; you can get the seats easily where there is no separate entrance exam. Only, the thing is you meet the criteria that they have specified. If you want to know the eligibility criteria to learn abroad, look for the best MBBS abroad consultants in Kerala. The experts assist you to step by step and relax to study abroad by letting you know every detail.

Wrapping It Up:

Studying MBBS abroad is a lifetime experience. You would improve your overall personality when studying in a place with students and faculty from different backgrounds. Moreover, you can learn new languages, exchange ideas and gain more confidence. You will sophisticatedly obtain the skills and can fulfill your career dream.