What Will Be the Future of Abroad Studies Post COVID 19 Phase? - SCHOLAB OVERSEAS EDUCATION

The Covid-19 pandemic has not even left education from its universal impact. Due to Covid-19, plans of studying abroad have also been temporarily jolted due to limitations in international air travelling and the holdback of classroom teaching. As India will enter unlock 4.0, the revival of the Indian Economy is a boosting growth that will help to restart foreign education although with some contemplation and rearrangement. A survey report says that only 5.4% of potential students have decided to cancel their abroad study plans due to the pandemic.

As many countries are letting students register for online courses and reopening of visa processing, the online consultancy for studying abroad is perceiving signs of recovery after months of idleness amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Though, the number of applications received from the students wanting to study overseas is quite less than earlier years. According to one of the best education consultants, Overseas Education Consultants in Kerala there is a plunge of around 50% in the applications from the students. 

Change in the Choice of Country

As per online study abroad consultancythe selection of the country may change due to the Covid-19. According to the consultants it is not the impact of coronavirus which has raised the question of choosing the country to opt for but it is the career options that have affected the choice. The United Kingdom has restored its 2-year post-study work visa from the 2020-2021 entrants to UK universities, letting them change to a work visa after completing their graduation if they get a job.

Economic Tension

According to the online study abroad counselling team, the reason for the delay in deciding whether to study abroad is whether the universities would offer online classes or will open for physical admission by September. And secondly, whether they would get the visa on time and would travel overseas for studying. The processing of visas is highly affected due to the lockdown and restrictions on international travelling. Requesting for a visa is a very detailed process demanding widespread documentation of education, medical and financial approval. As per the educational consultants apart from the visa, the current economic situation due to the pandemic has troubled occupation prospects for the students who would usually work while studying and staying abroad to gain knowledge while on post-study work visas.

More Than Cancellations There is a Delay

Clearer view will occur as within a few weeks more universities will disclose their September plans. The undergraduates are more likely to choose the online September session. Though some universities have declared their plans regarding the online classes, most of the students are not sure about the effectiveness of online classes. Apart from acquiring academic knowledge, students also want to interact with their professors, friends, study in the library and participate in various activities on campus and explore other aspects which make studying overseas a desirable option.  

A huge dip in the numbers if there are only online classes

According to the online consultancy for studying abroad, if there is no change in the fees structure for the online classes there will be a huge drop out in the numbers. Majority of the students won’t agree to pay the same fee for the online classes.

No matter what impact the coronavirus has caused, studies show that the maximum number of students are willing to go abroad to study anyway after the Covid-19 phase. Only about 11% are contemplating canceling their plans.