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Canada, one of the most beautiful countries in the world with natural, postcard-like picturesque beauty, proudly maintains a subtle but significant presence in the academic field by consistently ranking among the best universities in the world. The number of international students enrolling to study in Canada is growing every year. Courses for Indian students and other international students abound in Canada, luring them away from their home countries to further their education. Studying in Canada is very easy for Indian students, as there are many Canada education consultants in India. Though there are many good courses to study in Canada at Canadian universities, a few of them are more common than others for various reasons. Here are few popular degrees in Canada for your better understanding. 

Project management IT

You are probably not shocked that medical degrees are at the top of the list of most sought-after credentials by foreign undergraduate students. Medicine is often in high demand. It is a common option among students pursuing a lucrative career path with high earning opportunities and the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. Most students of Kerala opt for this course by approaching Canadian education consultants in Kerala. 


Nursing degrees continue to pique the interest of foreign undergraduate students. Nursing is a subject with excellent job opportunities, with over 90% of nursing graduates seeking jobs after graduation. Furthermore, depending on where you choose to go, you may have skills that make you appealing to employers in Canada or around the world. Nursing is a satisfying profession because you can support and assist people regularly in several specialized fields. Top Canada education consultants Kerala suggests this course for their students. 

Civil and mechanical engineering

International students continue to express a strong desire to study engineering in Canada. This is particularly true in the fields of civil and mechanical engineering. Because of the problem-solving and decision-making skills gained during these programs and the realistic nature of the degrees, there is still a demand from employers around the world. Graduates in these fields will perform a variety of positions, making them both fascinating and diverse.


If you have always been intrigued by how societies work and how people act in them, sociology may be the field for you. It is, without a doubt, a common option among international students in Canada. The topic will prepare you for work in many areas, including the charitable sector, human resources, and environmental management.

Business studies

International students interested in studying in Canada often prioritize business studies. The certification fosters the development of key skills that companies and employers seek in graduates. Financial knowledge, communication skills, and analytical abilities are among them. You may specialize in other business, finance, or commerce areas with business studies undergraduate degrees, making it a versatile choice. Furthermore, you can hope to earn an above-average starting salary if you have a business studies degree. Marketing, insurance, finance, human resources, and financial services are some of the sectors where you might work.


International postgraduate students have shown a strong interest in psychology postgraduate degrees. One of the main motivations is obtaining a master’s degree in the subject is often a requirement for being legally trained and practicing as a psychologist. Critical thinking and analytical skills are fine-tuned with an advanced degree in the subject. While you may want to work as a psychologist, your expertise can be applied in various fields such as business, social work, and even market research.


International students continue to be interested in advanced accounting degrees. Not only can these degrees improve your technical skills, but they are also sought after by employers. Through the applicability of this expertise in some professional contexts and sectors, you’ll be able to extend the reach of your job opportunities.

Final thoughts

Thus, you would know about some of the most popular degrees in Canada for international students from these mentioned details. Make use of this to enhance your knowledge and career. It is always better to approach a reputed consultant to avoid further complications.