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Take the International English Language testing system (IELTS) to settle abroad. It is a major English proficiency test for higher education and global immigration.

What is IELTS?

The world’s leading test of English for international higher education and migration.

IELTS is the examination for testing English proficiency which is trusted by many companies and educational institutes globally. So when you decide to take the IELTS exam you need to be very confident because of its test pattern. It is a well known exam conducted to test the english ability of the aspirants. IELTS score is used by governments, educational institutions, and professional bodies to avail pursue studies and work abroad.

IELTS has set the standards for the English Language testing now. International governments use IELTS to process immigration applications. IELTS has been developed by a few leading language assessment experts and will test a wide range of English skills that are required for success in new work or studying abroad. Before taking the IELTS exam it’s necessary to enroll in the best coaching classes.

You will be evaluated on the below skills-

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Why is the IELTS format fairer for you?

Now you are familiar with how IELTS works and check out more about the IELTS test formats. There are two IELTS tests available – IELTS academic and general training. The test you choose must be based on the purpose you wish to go to. The test is conducted by British Council, IDP Education and Cambridge Assessment English.

  • IELTS Academic – It evaluates your level of English Language proficiency which is suitable for the academic environment. It reflects aspects of academic language and evaluates if you are ready to pursue studying abroad or not.
  • IELTS General Training exam– It evaluates English language proficiency to get work permit for any foriegn country accepting IELTS score. The exam is conducted to test social situations and the real workplace scenarios.

If you want the approved Visa application to live, study, and work abroad, you need to take IELTS for immigration and visa.

Prepare yourself for the IELTS Test!

Make sure that you are ready to show your English proficiency. So when preparing for the IELTS test, keep a few things in mind.

  • First, equip yourself with the test format – Know the format of the test clearly by going through the content of the test along with the question and the types of tasks for every section. It is necessary to go through the IELTS rules as well as regulations properly.
  • Practice with the sample questions – To complete the test materials help you to prepare your test and it will give you the idea of what to expect in the writing, reading, listening, and speaking tests.
  • Use the official IELTS practice materials – You need to go through the study materials available at the official site which has made around two sets of official practice materials. It is designed to help you understand the format of the test and various types of test questions.
  • Explore the preparation courses – If you want the guidance for IELTS preparation, then there are best IELTS centres as well as language programs across the world providing IELTS complete courses. You don’t need to attend the preparation course, but many tests check out the improvements in your performance.
  • Register yourself – When you think that you are ready to take the test you need to register for the test date with the IELTS centre. The aspirants should be aware that the exam dates may be limited. So, you need to contact the exam centre accordingly and choose your exam conducting authority wisely.

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IELTS test format

IELTS is the test for all four language proficiency skills – listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

  • For speaking, you need to book the slot online on your preferred time and date. However, the aspirants should keep in mind that the speaking test may be on the same date or the test could be conducted within seven days of time before or after the rest of the tests.
  • You will then have to listen around four recordings and then go for a listening test and answer the questions.
  • And then go for a Reading test which needs you to answer around 40 questions and is designed in the way to test you on reading skills.
  • Then go for a writing test that needs the completion of two covers and tasks based on general interest and modules you are taking.

Why go for IELTS?

It is known as the test for going abroad or testing the english language skills –

  • Professional test – Professionals in many sectors accept the IELTS results along with engineering, law, medical, accounting, and pharmacy in many of the countries. It means that after completing your studies, you may need to take the test to gain professional registration in an English speaking country.
  • Study test – This test is acceptable in many of the countries for higher studies. Students willing to study abroad can go for the IELTS examination and get the proof for their proficiency in the language.
  • Test for migration – IELTS scores are needed by governments in many countries rather than any other English language exam. IELTS general training test is the non-academic test that is available for migration to international countries for any purpose.
  • The fairer test for you – IELTS accesses you on your practical communication skills and provides you with the accurate assessment of the four skills being tested

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Question 01

How can you Prepare for IELTS at home?

First, be clear with the course and make the plan that works for you. Don't study 24*7, but plan out your study with the ease of implementing a schedule. Keep yourself surrounded by English speaking.
Question 02

Is IELTS difficult to clear

IELTS is not so hard compared to other exams. The questions are straightforward and designed to assess how well you can use your English language. It is the test which just needs concentration as well as preparation.
Question 03

Which part is the hardest in IELTS?

If your proficiency in English is low then, you might feel difficult in writing or building sentences. Writing, listening, and speaking sections will work good when you will practice them on a daily basis.

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Most of the students like to do individual courses after completing a traditional degree. By doing so, they can hone in on a specific skill. The students tend to finish up the course in just a few weeks but there are even some courses that take years to complete. Scholab overseas provides the best online IELTS coaching in Kerala. There is nothing called the best course, each course has its own thing to do with.

Yes, you can learn IELTS online classes in Kerala. You can register for the course online. You will get unrestricted access for the preparation in all the four important skills such as listening, reading, writing and speaking for 30 days. With this course, you can prepare for the entire IELTS test or you can focus on your weakest part.

Many centres provide IELTS online coaching Kerala. If you want to prepare for IELTS online free, you have to register with the course. Once you have registered for the course, you will get the opportunity to study the course free for 30 days. With that, you can access the preparation in all the four important skills.

You can take the IELTS online course or prepare it by yourself from your home. When you prepare yourself you will have to understand everything and have to be very conscious of what you are learning. If you are choosing then Scholab IELTS online training in Kerala they will help you with all things that you want and make you write the exam.

The IELTS exam does not require a long time for its preparation if you are familiar with speaking the English language. For the preparation, you can take up the online IELTS training in Kerala. When it comes to reading, you can read the questions before you are attempting to read the whole passage because this can save you a lot of time. Learn more on areas that you are not familiar with.

The best source for the IELTS preparation is the best IELTS online coaching in Kerala. You can get help from the online coaching centres. Also, you can refer to some books that can help you to know about the language more. If you know anyone proficient in the English language you can get help from them.