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MBBS in Ukraine

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About Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most popular nations in eastern Europe especially for medical studies. The country is at the northwest end of the black sea that shares the borders with Russia to the east, Belarus to the north, Poland towards the northwest, Hungary, and Slovakia to the west. Ukraine comes as the second-largest country in Europe. Ukraine is in the fourth position in Europe for having the highest number of graduation and post-graduation courses in the medical field.

Ukraine is known as the place of top government medical universities providing MBBS, MD, and other degrees in the medical field to local students along with international students. All the universities in Ukraine are certified by the world’s major organizations such as UNESCO and WHO.

Ukraine, having several top government medical universities providing MBBS education, has become a popular destination for international students. The high-class universities in Ukraine are now the most famous destination and choice for international students. This provides the MBBS course at an affordable cost. All the medical programs being offered by Ukrainian universities are MCI approved and the entire cost of the MBBS program is very much lower compared to any other private Indian medical colleges. There are various benefits of studying MBBS abroad in Ukraine. Being the best counselor for study abroad, Scholab has tie-ups with various colleges in Ukraine.

Why MBBS in Ukraine?

If you wish to go abroad in Ukraine for higher studies, then there are several benefits you need to know about –

High education standards
The medical universities and colleges in Ukraine have high-class infrastructure and highly qualified teaching staff. The courses in the medical field are recognized by UNESCO, WHO, and the European council. The Ukrainian system of education and the method of teaching is recognized. English is the educational medium and for that purpose, students do not face any issues for language. Later on, no IELTS or TOEFL is needed for the admission in the field of MBBS in Ukraine. Many of the Ukrainian universities have bilateral student exchange programs with the universities in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Poland.

Affordable education programs
As the private medical organizations in India, medical colleges in Ukraine don’t request capitation expense or donation. The education cost is likewise extremely low if compared with other private colleges. It makes it easy for the students to opt for an MBBS course in Ukraine.

Minimal effort of living
When compared with other mainstream destinations for medical programs, then the average cost for basic items is fundamentally low in Ukraine. Students can get by on roughly $100 to $200 every month.

Great global presentation
Students seeking to get enrolled in MBBS in Ukraine have various choices originating from various nations and foundations. They can build up a universal system that will assist them with opening up circumstances over the globe.

High-Class Infrastructure
All the universities or colleges in Ukraine have a world-class structure with present-day latest technology-based tools in medicine. The quality even matches highly with European guidelines.

Benefits to study MBBS in Ukraine for Indian Students

When choosing Ukraine for the MBBS program, you must know everything in detail so that you don’t feel regret later on.

  • Ukraine is gaining a lot of popularity among all international students who wish to complete their MBBS from abroad.
  • It includes many of the world-class government universities which provide MBBS, MD, and other degrees in medical at an affordable cost.
  • The students who have completed their MBBS or any other medical degree from the medical university of Ukraine are eligible to apply for jobs in any of the parts of the world.
  • We at Scholab Overseas Study Program try to provide guidance to students and choose the better path suitable to them.
  • We also help to approve their loans, scholarships, etc. for financial support.
  • Help students to set the brightest future
  • Ukraine has lots of opportunities for Indian students and language is not the issue for them in Ukraine.
  • We at Scholab overseas study program never compromises with the quality of education and living comfort. We arrange everything for them according to their choice.
  • Expense and accommodation cost in Ukraine is very low compared to others.

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In Ukraine

  • Students must complete their school and score minimum 50% in PCB in general.
  • Mention category to get enrolled in Ukraine for higher studies like MBBS.
  • OBC/SC/ST must have scored minimum of 40% in PCB in their schooling.
  • Candidate must be minimum 17 years of age by 31st december of the admission year.
  • He or she must been qualified the entrance exam NEET.
  • Only regular students can apply not the students of open school.

Different preferences to choose Ukraine MBBS!

  • Visa handling is very simple and straightforward.
  • The wide accessibility of convenience offices at reasonable expenses
  • Ukraine has a moderate atmosphere with only four months of winter
  • Ukraine has a decent transportation framework.
  • The confirmation procedure is basic and there is no confirmation or eligible test.
  • Getting admission to PG level medical MBBS courses is relatively simpler and to get the completion of MBBS in Ukraine.
  • Numerous colleges in Ukraine have visiting teachers from the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe.
  • International students enjoy learning with high technologies and get high-quality studies.
  • All understanding materials and books are given to the students from the college.

These all are the reasons you can choose Ukraine for MBBS for a better future. At your every step, we at Scholab overseas program with you to guide for further studies and career.

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Top Universities for MBBS Study in Ukraine

Have a glance at the top universities in Ukraine from where you would like to pursue your studies.. We have shortlisted
these names keeping in mind each single aspect of quality education!

Top 10 Universities For Foreign Study In Ukraine Are:

MBBS In Ukraine Fees

FeesUniversity Names
21 - 22 lakhs (6 years)Vinnitsa national medical university
20 - 21 lakhs (6 years)Bukovinian state medical universities
22 - 23 lakhs (6 years)LVIV Medical university
2.6 lakhs/year (6 years)Ivano frankivsk national medical university

Important tips before packing your bags to your dream nation – Ukraine

The entire duration of the MBBS program in Ukraine is around 5.8 years. The students are not needed for passing any of the entrance exams to get enrolled in the medical field in Ukraine. So this way Ukraine has made it way too easy for aspiring students to complete their dreams to become successful doctors in the future. The most famous fields in medical like –

  • General medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Pediatrics, and
  • Surgery

These are the most popular courses available nowadays in the medical field of MBBS in Ukraine. These are highly demanded.

Be completely prepared for staying in Ukraine for 6 years to study MBBS. So pack your bags accordingly and don’t forget to make all arrangements properly. Don’t stress, we will be arranging your comfort stay.

Your budget includes –

  • The entire tuition fees
  • Food and Living cost
  • Hostel accommodation along with fees

There are only two main reasons why choose us? First is we provide a comparison of all countries and make you choose the higher studies as per your budget with high-quality studies. The second is we guide students at every step of their career.

Our professional abroad studies consultant will assist you to move to Ukraine for MBBS. Contact us soon for getting more details and information in brief and choose the perfect career for your life. If you still have any doubts or queries, we are 24*7 available for your help.


Most of them choose Ukraine for their medical studies because Ukraine is very famous for the medical program and medical studies. There you can see the best medical colleges in Ukraine for Indian students. Medical studies are very expensive in India and other countries so most of them prefer to choose Ukraine for medical studies. In Ukraine, the average tuition fees are 2, 58, 000 lakhs per year and the admission fee and the registration fee is 6,500 only.

"Yes, if you select Ukraine for your medical studies which are very good for your best education and also for your career. Most of the international students will wish to complete their MBBS from Ukraine which is also safe and secure for doing MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students. Ukraine is high ranked for medical studies and also it has the largest number of graduates and post-graduate specialization in the field of medicine.


Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery MBBS program in Ukraine university duration is 6 years. The medical universities in Ukraine have a high infrastructure with highly qualified staff. When you study MBBS in Ukraine they will provide affordable education programs so you get the best quality of education.

Yes, when compared to other countries Ukraine MBBS degrees have value in India and are also considered as the better choice for the successful career. When anyone chooses to study MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students, you can also get some help from the consultancy they will guide you to choose the best universities.