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MBBS in Philippines

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About Philippines

The Philippines is the southeast Asian country located in the western pacific which comprises more than 7000 islands. The capital city of Manila is also popular for its waterfront promenade and centuries-old Chinatown, Binondo. It is the home of Baroque 17th century San Augustin church along with ort Santiago – the storied citadel and military prison.

Taking medical education into consideration, the Philippines stands out as one of the choices among other countries. The cost of enrolling in the medical education of the Philippines is very much lower as compared to other countries such as Australia, New-Zealand, etc.

Why MBBS in Philippines?

  • It offers a good amalgamation of practical and theoretical education that allows the students to become perfect medical practitioners all over the globe.
  • To study MBBS in the Philippines has been known as one of the best education systems in Asia, it is the perfect place for students to study completely in the English language at an affordable cost with high-quality medical education.
  • The literacy rate in the Philippines is 90% which makes it clear that education is really the main concern of the nation.

The Philippines is the biggest English speaking nation in the Southeast Asian area. English gave as a medium of guidance in advanced modern education. Additionally, Filipinos are viewed as one of the most capable English speakers on the planet. It is known for its best quality of education, high–quality training establishments. The nation is a significant exporter of English teachers, medical attendants, specialists, and gifted laborers abroad.

It offers Doctor of Medicine or MD degree which is equivalent to MBBS in the Indian System of Education. We at Overseas education program guide you in every manner possible.

Benefits to study MBBS for Indian Students

Many guardians accept that the Philippines is outstanding amongst other education destinations for their youngsters to Study MBBS, as it offers quality medical training that accompanies lots of advantages. MBBS in the Philippines is cost-effective. Education cost is at a moderate rate and being paid on portion premises.

  • Reasonable living and convenience costs.
  • Present-day education methods and prevalent quality medical training joined with world-class conveniences.
  • Globally recognized Medical universities are recorded in the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • The mechanism of guidance is simply English.
  • The dominant part of Filipinos has an office for the English language thus students really feel great. There are no restrictions to learn the local language.
  • MBBS in the Philippines follows the US education system and so students will have the number of choices to choose the Philippines rather than study medicine in America.
  • 1 out of each 10 specialists practicing in America is medical alumni from the Philippines.
  • The Philippines sends out the most extreme number of medical alumni on the planet.
  • MBBS in the Philippines accompanies a good social decent variety in the college grounds.

MBBS in the Philippines sets you up for the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination). Almost 100% of the students graduate in the Philippines clear the Board Examination in their nation of origin.

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In Philippines

Eligibility criteria is the first requirement to study MBBS in Philippines. One must follow such criteria for getting enrolled in Philippines medical universities –

  • The criteria includes the passing higher secondary school in 10 + 2 patter with scoring minimum of 50% in PCB.
  • Candidates must have scored around 50% atleast in every main subject such as physics, chemistry and biology.
  • Students must provide all the certificates which authenticate their qualification whereas sending application for enrolling. It involves marksheet, leaving certificate, etc.
  • Proof of financial status
  • Medical screening certificate
  • Must be qualified in NEET

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Top Universities for MBBS Study in Philippines

Have a glance at the top universities in Philippines from where you would like to pursue your studies.. We have shortlisted
these names keeping in mind each single aspect of quality education!

Top 10 Universities For Foreign Study In Philippines Are:

MBBS In Philippines Fees 2020-2021

Top universities medical wise in the Philippines!
FeesUniversity Names
12 - 15 lakhs (6 years)Bicol christian college of medicine
17 - 19 lakhs (6 years)University of perpetual Philippines
27 - 28 lakhs (6 years)Our Lady of Fatima University
13 - 14 lakhs (6 years)AMA School of Medicine, Makati Campus, Manila
23 - 24 lakhs (6 years)Davao Medical School Foundation
24 - 25 lakhs (6 years)Angeles University Foundation

Know about the climate of the Philippines!

The Philippines is known for Tropical Weather Country and has a steady temperature which lies between 28 to 32 consistently. For the students of India, it is anything but difficult to receive to the climate there. For more queries and details, just approach the best counsellor for study abroad – contact us now. We will solve all your doubts and help you take perfect decision with no regret.

A number of benefits to studying MBBS in the Philippines!

  • The Philippines is known worldwide for its medical study.
  • Since privatization occurred right off in the Philippines, the greater part of medical colleges was privatized.
  • Accordingly, you will discover in the Philippines settled private medical colleges and universities.
  • The Philippines has a US-based arrangement of medical education.
  • Since the medical course depends on US design – it is simpler to traverse in USMLE when compared with different nations. The quality educational instruction is perceived by the World Health Organization (WHO), MED of ECPMG, and comparable different bodies.
  • The Philippines draw in students from in excess of 55 nations. Students from the US, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong are additionally concentrating in the Philippines.
  • The medical study program in the Philippines encourages a double degree program. While doing the BS-MD program, one gets a level of Graduation in science (BS) before getting the level of MD ( Doctor of medication). The span of BS ranges from one and a half years to two years relying upon the chosen college standards.
  • MBBS from the Philippines gives Opportunities to development
  • The Philippines has become a focal point of medical education with many top colleges.
  • Students concentrating here would have a more extensive vision.
  • After graduation students who study medical here in the Philippines have a superior possibility of working in different nations also.

This is an open door where you can focus on a decent abroad education services college, travel, and furthermore find out about another nation simultaneously, opportunities to go round the world likewise exist.

Important tips before packing your bags to your dream nation – Philippines!

One should think about the nation where you are keen on taking admission for MBBS in the Philippines. It is a lovely nation with world-class seashores and tropical atmosphere. Its capital city is Manila. The nation has an amazing stunner of nature and has a blend of various societies and networks.

The nation with a rich blend of culture and amazing magnificence attracts travelers from everywhere yet draws in students likewise from 65 nations. The Philippines is having many outstanding Universities.

The Philippines is the best English Speaking Country!
It is the Best and is Suitable for MBBS in the Philippines – abroad education services. English is a global language that is utilized by larger part nations on the planet as either the first or the subsequent language. English is the method of guidance in all degrees of courses and is the same for MBBS in the Philippines.

The Philippines is an alright and better option for Students!
The Philippines is a female ruled nation where you discover females overwhelming in all the workplaces including over 60% of the populace. It is alright for both Boys and Girls. The Philippines is a blend of various societies which makes this nation an amicable nation, giving the students an additional edge to be not treated as outside individuals or outsiders. The students who concentrate here feel relaxed with the comfortable condition of the nation and focus better on contemplates.


If the student chooses to study MBBS in the Philippines is the excellent choice, the best medical college inPhilippines will offer the rich quality of medical education with an affordable price. You no need to know the language, in the Philippines majority speaks In the English language. So you will not have any problem while talking to other students.

Yes, NEET qualification is very mandatory to study MBBS in the Philippines. They should reach the cut off mark in the NEET exam and also they should get more than 50% IN PCB board exam. You can get medical education in affordable ways, so you can look for Best medical colleges in the Philippines for Indianstudents which can help you to get a rich quality of education. Not only in the Philippines now is a day’s net exam qualification very compulsory to study the MBBS.

If you study your medical education in the Philippines is one of the best choices, the cost of enrolling in medical education is very low when compared to other countries. For that reason, many of the Indian and other country people will prefer to do their MBBSin Philippines. MCI and WHO approved the medical universities in the Philippines and them follow the US education system.

"No, NEET qualification is compulsory to study MBBS in Philippines and also they should get more than 50% in their board exam. The medical willing students can join MBBS directly to pre-medicine course or BS program in Philippines MBBS College and can study MBBS without NEET. But they should qualify the NEET before enrolling into MD/doctor of medicine which is mandatory.