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MBBS in China

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About China

There are a number of advantages of selecting China for grabbing the MBBS course in top universities. The China government spends a good amount on the education sector. The main goal is to make China the world hotspot for high quality and affordable education for higher standards. The system of china’s education is different from other institutes and colleges. Most of the aspirants are not able to score the seat in a medical institute in their own country, and so they go out for higher studies.
This is where MBBS in China raises your upper hand to abroad education services. So we will let you know about the entire detailed information on MBBS in China.

Why MBBS in China?

  • China boasts of having as much as 811 institutes that provide different courses in many specialties.
  • The education ministry approves different colleges per year that are eligible to take international students.
  • Only 49 among all are Ok for enrolling international students.
  • The education ministry regulates the curriculum course of MBBS in different universities all over China.
  • The universities not only have the rank in the country but hold their status worldwide
  • They get the glut of applications from international students per year. The registration is done on the basis of first come first serve.

There are various features that make MBBS in China different or unique from others. If you are completely set on the decision to get MBBS, this means you must go for the research in top MBBS universities in China. And if still confused, look out below for more clearance.

Benefits of MBBS in China for Indian Students

  • You will get worldwide recognition.
  • The student who graduates from well-known universities in China is called to receive the graduation certificate.
  • International students can get the certificate accredited for the embassy of your nation if necessary.
  • Many of the universities in China have tie-ups with different Elite institutes all over the globe.
  • Thus, the students pursuing their degrees from China are exposed to the global standard of education.
  • The students get an insight into the best medical practices from all over the world.
  • Therefore, it is more accessible from them to land a job in the best institutes worldwide.
  • Along these lines, the understudies seeking after their degrees from China are presented to the worldwide norm of instruction.
  • The students get an understanding of the best medical practices from everywhere throughout the world.
  • Hence, it is more open from them to get an occupation in the best foundations around the world.
  • Comparable to Global Standards of Education

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In China

There are only two main criteria to study MBBS in china specially for Indian students –

  • Students must score minimum 60% in their higher secondary school in PCB mainly.
  • Candidates must be minimum 17 years by 31st december in the admission year.
  • The students moving on to such colleges must be qualified to go to medical screening tests in their own nation.

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Top Universities for MBBS Study in China

Have a glance at the top universities in China from where you would like to pursue your studies.. We have shortlisted
these names keeping in mind each single aspect of quality education!

Top 10 Universities For Foreign Study In China Are:

MBBS In China Fees

Check out the top universities along with its fees structure!
FeesUniversity Name
33000/yearJilin University
2.9 to 3 lakhs NTD/yearChinese medical university
38000 RMB/yearCapital Medical University
34000 RMB/yearShandong University

Simple process to get enrolled in the top universities in China!

  • I Wish to cut through the furious competitions in your nation of origin? Getting a crack at the best colleges in China is the best suitable plan for you.

Eligibility for medical selection tests –

  • The World Health Organization’s “Catalog of World Medical School” enrolls a large number of state-funded colleges in China.
  • The students moving on to such colleges must be qualified to go to medical screening tests in their own nation.
  • The colleges in China are presumed for being one of the most favored Universities for students in India.
  • The modest expense of convenience and educational costs
  • China is progressively advancing towards financial and infrastructural improvement.
  • Less expense of convenience and low educational costs make Chinese Universities the most ideal choices for outsiders.
  • The expense of convenience and food is a completely modest Charlie.

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Important tips to study MBBS in china for Indian Students

  • Numerous colleges in China are among the best colleges on the planet for MBBS.
  • They stand consistent with their promise and give incredible quality instruction to worldwide students.
  • The medical clinics subsidiary to the top colleges in China boasts of having condition-of-craftsmanship gear for the students.
  • In China, you don’t need to heave at the straws to get Admission in the best colleges.
  • Indeed, even the best colleges in China don’t expect you to pass the entrance exam to get enlisted.
  • A student’s marks in his PCB are enough for them to get Admission in the best Universities.
  • The prerequisites of getting Admission in Undergraduate Courses in China are not so essential.
  • Furnished with present-day offices, these medical fields are the support for a student’s medical career.
  • In addition, a large portion of the colleges in China complies with the guidelines given by the Ministry of Education.
  • Therefore, it guarantees great administration of the Universities across China


China remains the primary choice among the study abroad destinations for MBBS. Doing MBBS in china gives a positive outlook. There are many best medical colleges in china for Indian students. The medical degree of Chinese medical universities is also approved by the medical council of India. This is one of the best countries to study MBBS and the fee for studying is also very affordable.

MBBS in China for the Indian students is appreciated by thousands of medical aspirants. If you want to become a doctor in the future, you can apply for MBBS in china. The aspirants who want to become doctors must have to secure at least 70% in PCB. Otherwise, the students must score 200 in NEET exam. The course is pocket friendly and the students can easily afford the fee.

For the students who want to study MBBS in China, the course duration is 6 years. In this, one year is an internship. Actually, they can even study MBBS courses for 5 years and they can come back to India to do the internship. Doing an MBBS course in China will give the Indian students that extra edge, flexibility and practical experience.