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Visa and Immigration

Need help with your visa? We are here for you.

At Scholab overseas education, we guide thousands of aspirants who are willing to immigrate abroad. We share our vision and experience about the nation you choose to get settled for your work. We also help you in all the migration documentation and make sure that the country has a stable environment for those who wish to become part of its landscape.

We guide immigrants to pass their application and help them to arrange Visa. Embrace and enhance your career and bring the heritage of your past to the point where your family and you will be proud to refer it as the home. People migrate abroad for various purposes like job in various sectors such as IT, Finance, marketing, Supply Chain Management, and more.

Excited to Immigrate abroad?

Are you excited about immigrating abroad? Immigrating abroad to pursue your job goals offers various benefits. It is a good decision which involves leaving your house and stepping into the new world and culture. But your experience and personal growth to live in another country will open new doors for your future career which one cannot even imagine now.

If you wish to get a job and settle abroad to follow the particular field, then explore the processes that will help you sail through it. This will be a life-changing experience which will open your mind. It will give an edge over others when you enter the workforce. By doing a job abroad you will have the chance to transform, explore, learn, and travel – all you need to do is to apply and rest everything will be handled by Scholab Overseas Education agency as it is known as the best immigration consultants in India.

Migrate To Canada
Moving to the new nation to pursue your job work is totally a different scenario than travelling for vacations. Rather than just getting the screenshots of the culture, you are surrounded by it. You become part of your new environment and culture when you study abroad in Canada - contributing your unique background as well as ideas when learning the new customs and discovering the new methods to do things. Seeing the world through an open-minded perspective makes you aware of citizenship culturally and it is the passport which will benefit you when you plan to migrate to Canada for various purposes like work and other opportunities.
Migrate To Australia
It is a fact that leaving home and your comfort zone allows you to become independent very fast. When you are responsible for your education and yourself, it is a wholesome different pressure which makes you mature. The decision to get a job in Australia is all up to you. This independence is the resource that you will be able to carry with you forever anywhere you move. When you settle in the new world and environment completely, you become independent along with making your career bright. You can learn as well as enjoy the culture and explore Australia and make your future the best.
Migrate To Dubai
The best reason to study abroad or grab a job opportunity in Dubai is to meet people from various spots. To create an international group of friends is the biggest benefit of studying abroad. The people in Dubai are really friendly and they welcome all international people warmly and it gives you a chance to become friends with the international fraternity. Dubai is home to various sports activities and it gives immense opportunities to make a career in sports. You can get a sports related job opportunities and your new friends will be part of your most memorable moments and cherished memories forever from your time abroad in Dubai.

Work Process

There is the work procedure to follow before migrating to other countries-


First of all you need to finalize where you need to immigrate and it varies from country to country depending upon the rules and regulations. The next step is to finalize your budget and plan how to arrange financing funds. Some educational courses do not cost anything if a student avails a heavy scholarship. Others need substantial investment to study abroad. Scholab Overseas will assist you to plan your finances.



After choosing the country and university, you need to apply for its application. We at scholab overseas education provide you complete guidance wherever you need it when applying or filling the application form.


Check for eligibility

Before applying for any immigration we need to check the eligibility. There are certain eligibility criteria which one needs to crack to get the desired job. There is no particular age limit needed for any international immigration program. You need to check the eligibility when enrolling for any job opportunity which depends upon your previous course marks, age, work experience and many other things.


Documents Submission

You need to submit required documents for immigration which depends on the program you are applying for. For instance- some immigration programs need international experience and a particular age and some do not need any.


Applying for a visa

Candidates then need to apply for Visa and get approval for Visa. The fastest way to immigrate to other countries is only by approved Visa.


Planning for moving

After completing the above steps, plan for immigration to whichever country you have chosen. Candidates just need to make sure that they can comfortably live without any worries. We at Scholab provide complete guidance in every step.

Ask Scholab

Question 01

Which are the easiest countries to immigrate to?

We at Scholab overseas education look for the immigration program which enables you to spend at least one year abroad. There are 2 to 3 countries which are considered as the easiest place to immigrate -
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • UK
Question 02

Which country is perfect for higher studies?

Canada is known as the top destination for Indian students as it is one of the most accessible and affordable study alternatives. In comparison to many other countries, you will not only enjoy the low tuition fees but also lower living costs.
Question 03

How to decide on the cost of moving abroad?

The cost of living is an important factor to consider while deciding whether or not Overseas move will be successful. Whether you work abroad, travelling or using your savings to live in another culture for some time, you need to choose how much daily life will cost you and whether you can afford it or not. Plan prior.

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● China
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Accommodations and Post-landing


Australia is one of the best places where you can relocate for studies. However, when you want to move you should be eligible with certain criteria like nominated occupation, age, English language proficiency, skilled employment, educational qualifications, Australian qualification, nominations and sponsorship and several others. When you approach the best Australian immigration consultants in Kerala, you can find more on it.

Per person, the cost would be $3,492 in Canadian dollars. However, this will vary based on the purpose you are willing to visit Canada. When you should have clear information to migrate to Canada, you have to approach the best Canada immigration agency in Kerala, and they will help you with the right guidance.

If you want to migrate to Canada, there is a set of norms and instructions you have to follow. Scholab is the right Canada immigration consultants in Cochin who can help you with legal and personal guidance. They have a team of experts who have intense knowledge in the legal and local norms in Canada. Approach one to move to Canada without more hassles.

One of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada is looking for a work visa. It takes only two weeks for the process, and you also do not need to have a specific Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. The other way is looking for a study visa. It is also an easy way to qualify to get settled in Canada and having the work experience for a few years. Further, consult with the Canada immigration consultants in Kerala to have more assistance.

When you want to immigrate to Canada, it is fairly affordable to compare to several other countries. Application Processing Fees $825, When you discuss with the right Canada immigration consultants in Kochi, you can find the right solution.

Approaching the right migration partner is one of the best ways through which you will be able to find the right guidance to move to Canada. In the list, Scholab Overseas Education is one of the reliable solutions where you can have reliable and professional advice and guidance from the passionate Canada migration. So, approach the right Canada migration agency in Kerala and start planning to move.

You can either permanently reside in Canada or look for the short term work visa. You have to analyze the long term and short term skills to have a visa. This will be based on the intention to visit the country. So, look for the New Zealand immigration consultants in Cochinand discuss in depth with them to have a clear idea.

When you want to migrate to New Zealand, you have to ensure you have certain qualifications. It includes the Skilled Migrant category as the point system based factors like work experience, work experience, age and any other offer of skilled employment. If your age is lesser than 55, you have to possess certain sound health conditions as well. So, look for the right New Zealand immigration consultants in Kerala to discuss it.