How to Select an Ideal Overseas Education Consultancy? - SCHOLAB OVERSEAS EDUCATION

Every successful journey starts with the right first step. If you ask any student who is studying abroad, they will tell you that getting admission to a foreign university is not as simple as just filling forms. It is twisted and a long drawn process. It needs thorough research and proper preparation. If you don’t have an idea about the complexity of overseas education you might get overwhelmed in the journey. This is where the overseas education consultant will come off as great help. They are well-versed experts who guide students aspiring to study abroad throughout the process. But you have to be vigilant while choosing overseas studies consultants because a wrong choice can cost your career.

Look For Their Credentials

There is an endless number of consultants around and with so many options, confirming the credibility of the consultancy is paramount. This ensures that the consultancy is not a scam and they are genuine. A bit of research will reveal that their experience, background, and recognition by the international education bodies. This is a head start in finding the best overseas education consultants.

List of Universities Offered

The most important criteria that you have to consider are the consultancy is affiliated with all the countries and universities that you are interested in. Once you get confirmation on that, check the universities on record with the consultancy. Educational consultants should have to tie up with various universities across the world. This will ensure that they are well-established and you are open to various options.

Knowledge and Experience 

A good education consultant will have in-depth knowledge of foreign universities and the admission process in various countries. This feature is paramount to have a smooth process. A simple background check of the key personnel can reveal their key area of expertise. Look beyond theoretical knowledge; consider the solid experience of at least 2-5 years in helping students to get admission in universities in the country of your choice. For instance, if you wish to do MBBS in Georgia, confirm whether the consultancy has a track record of securing admission in Georgia.

Additionally, if the consultancy has experts who themselves have studied abroad, it’s a bonus point. They will help you better as they would have gone through the process themselves. The experts will also know people from various universities which will come off as a great help.

Profile and Career Assessment 

The next feature that you need to consider is career guidance. See whether the abroad education consultants help students explore career objectives and pick a study destination that caters to the student’s desire? The consultants should also offer academic profile assessment based on your academic performance in school or university. They should give you a helping hand in shortlisting the universities that offer the course that you like and help to get admission to the best overseas university that offers the course you love.

Take a Look at the Success Rate

The success rate of consultancy is one of the key factors that have to be considered while choosing them. You can ask any customer of the educational consultancy to know about their success rate. Go through reviews as it will reveal the success rate and how well they perform. The reviews of previous candidates will give a good idea about the consultancy. While choosing one of the top overseas education consultants, the success rates will give you the edge in making the right decision.

Bottom line

The best overseas consultancy can be chosen only after proper research. You can visit or talk to them to know their expertise and get proper guidance. The ideal consultancy will be the best partner on your journey to overseas educations.