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It is important to take the MCAT when you are feeling the most prepared. To reach maximum potential on the MCAT, you will need to put in a lot of work and practice. The difference between average and high scores is determined by a good schedule and the commitment to stick to it. Overseas medical education consultants are specialized in counseling, guidance, and admission to MBBS.

Kaplan online MCAT practice test:

Sign up for a free 3 1/2 hour online practice exam from Kaplan and receive a comprehensive score report, strategies for improvement, and full explanations for each question. They also have a free question of the day, a free MCAT pop quiz, and a free MCAT 20-minute workout, among other things.

Free MCAT Practice Exam From Princeton Review:

They also give a one-week free trial of their MCAT Prep Course, which covers the first biochemistry learning module found in all of their prep courses and includes a full-length practice test, on-demand videos, and practice drills. Keep an eye out for free strategy sessions and webinars that show up at random.

10th edition of examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package

The 6-book kit is a full MCAT Preparation manual that cuts out all the unnecessary fluff to include material that is easier to understand. The questions are often spaced out in a way that encourages you to review what you have already learned. The authors use several examples to illustrate their points, and their descriptions are generally very thorough. The questions at the end of the text are challenging at times, but they provide valuable practice.

Sterling MCAT Practice Tests 

Chemical and Physical Foundations, as well as Biological and Biochemical Foundations, are covered in this book. This book contains all of the information needed to ace both sections. Every subject has four practice tests. The book also includes response explanations for correct and incorrect responses, which is extremely helpful in comprehending the logic behind a specific line of reasoning.

Kaplan Test Prep MCAT 528

The Kaplan book is for you if you already have everything covered but want to gain a little advantage over the regular Joe. The book includes strategies for dealing with various question types as well as the exam as a whole. It highlights the skills, strategies, and shortcuts needed to answer the more difficult questions. Kaplan’s book also includes a large number of practice problems and analysis recordings.

Khan Academy:

The Khan Academy MCAT Collection has partnered with the AAMC to cover all of the material evaluated on the MCAT exam, with over 1,100 free videos and 3,000 analysis questions. Study MBBS abroad consultants will guide you with the right counseling and advice to attain a career in medicine. 

MCAT prep materials

Practice Questions

Although practice does not always make you better, it does help you become more comfortable with answering questions and recognizing your strong and weak points.

Textbooks or Ebooks

You can use these to refresh your memory on any topics from your notes that are causing you to lose track of time; you can also use the summary questions at the end of each chapter to test your knowledge. MBBS abroad consultants in India will assist you to get a seat in top medical colleges. 

MCAT Flashcards

Since they contain foundational MCAT principles in a portable format, they greatly enhance your study experience. Make your flashcards by hand or use a flashcard app.

MCAT Practice Tests

Take these tests daily to keep track of your progress and overall results. Review each test and make a list of everything you want to remember for potential MCAT practice tests, including your errors. 

Final Thoughts

The different materials will help you to prepare for the test. Using an MCAT study guide will help you improve your score from decent to excellent. MBBS abroad consultants in Kerala are the best option if you are seeking a medical education abroad. Thus, make use of the study materials mentioned for the MCAT.