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Nowadays, there are many students prefer to move out of their native countries for education and functional purpose. For admitting students in every country, universities have various requirements. One of the major requirements is the IELTS score, where people who suffer from less English knowledge suffer and give up their dreams. There are many best IELTS coaching centers in Perinthalmanna full of professional people. They will completely guide you in getting a good score. But do you think giving up your dream is the only solution? Absolutely not! Here is a list of countries that you can opt for abroad education without IELTS exams. 


If you are the one who is looking to pursue abroad study without IELTS, then Canada will be the right option for you. There are many best universities in Canada that admit students without IELTS scores. This is majorly for students who hail from countries where English is a primary language. You are required to submit the proof of English proficiency if you lived and attended your schooling for at least four years, where English was the primary language. To get to know the universities and their process, consider approaching the best study abroad consultants in Perinthalmanna. The professionals over there will train you in the process of achieving your dream.


If you prefer to migrate to Australia, then you have to undergo this exam to gain a visa, but there are some universities that require some other proof of your English proficiency. There are universities in Australia that admit students without IELTS scores. Also, some universities might look for an alternative test like PTE or CAE if you don’t have IELTS.

 ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Oversea Students) is also an alternative for the students. It is intended for abroad students that need English language training before starting higher-level studies in Australia. Suppose you are one who highly aims to immigrate to Australia but is not interested in taking any of these alternatives. In that case, the best option is taking IELTS training in Perinthalmanna. The staff over there will completely train you in an effective way to get a good IELTS score. 


If you have a bachelor’s degree, then you are not required to have an IELTS score. But the degree you hold should be taught in the English language or their native language. Also, there are some universities in Germany that require a letter from your college to verify English Language Proficiency. You have to demonstrate a firm knowledge of the language either by preparatory course or language test result.


It is the most preferred study destination for many students since the universities and colleges in Malaysia are widely recognized. There are many universities in Malaysia that admit students without having an IELTS test score, and the exam is not a compulsory requirement to study both UG and PG. If you could not clear or get a good IELTS score, but the university that you prefer requires IELTS, then without losing heart, try to approach the IELTS center in Perinthalmanna to get into your desired college. 

United States

There are universities in the United States which you can get into without an IELTS score. As a part of the admission process, some universities in the United States might require you to do an English proficiency test. Studying IEP – Intensive English Program is the other alternative for IELTS, but the duration of IEP varies, so check over that before you decide. 

The Bottom Line

As you have seen above, those are some countries that you can opt for abroad education without an IELTS score. If you are interested in IELTS but staying back due to less English knowledge, then joining in IELTS coaching in Perinthalmanna is the wise option. The professionals over there will completely support you in getting a good score in IELTS and also in your English proficiency.