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IELTS exam has been the mandatory qualification for many countries for proper communication and better adaption. Sometimes the decision of abroad education is made in a hurry, and students find no time to prepare for their IELTS exam. Some professionals who migrate for jobs lack with opportunity for IELTS coaching. This page is for Students and job seekers who ask for ways to avoid the IELTS exam in their bucket list of abroad education.

Overview of IELTS

IELTS is a test for the validation of the English proficiency of students. It consists of 40 with each one mark. The questions are framed under four sections, namely listening, speaking, writing, and reading. The overall timing allotted for this exam is approximately 30 minutes. The ability of your language is graded on a scale of 1-9. Proper coaching and guidance are mandatory for the best result of this exam. Clearing the exam is not such a difficult task for students who are enrolled in the best IELTS coaching center in Kollam. Clearance of IELTS is a major scope for people who search for opportunities worldwide. The credit score of students gets increased because of IELTS in universities and companies.

Alternatives of IELTS

You can also take the Pathway program instead of the IELTS exam. This program helps prepare students with their skills, communication, and the academic qualifications needed for abroad education. By immigrating through this program, students can take English as their second language in their course. In this program, your grade of IELTS is not considered. This pathway program can help you place in the best university that you prefer for the course. Many universities come forward for pathway programs. To find the list of universities that provide pathway program approach the best study abroad consultants in Kollam. Also, know about the countries that validate the certificate for a top university.

Countries where IELTS is not required

There are countries where you can find placement in university without clearance of the IELTS exam. To know the immigration process of various countries without an IELTS certificate, approach the best immigration consultant in Kollam. And also, find guidance for your immigration process for various countries. Some of the countries that do not demand IELTS certificates are as follows:


If you want to study in a top university without IELTS, Australia is the best place to pursue your education. In the top colleges of Australia, IELTS is not a mandatory segment. The only thing noted is your medium of education at your schooling. If you are from the English medium, then you are eligible for the university.

Some universities demand you to get enrolled in an English program where you develop language skills. Only after completion of this program, you can start with your course. Alternative tests are conducted to replace IELTS, and the USQ pathway program is undertaken for the admission process.


If you are a student pursuing higher education abroad immediately after your schooling, you can prefer Canada without any English professional test. It is mandatory that you must opt for English as your primary language in schooling. Check your eligibility with the best overseas education consultants in Kollam and proceed with the plans for abroad education.


Norway is one of the best countries with opportunities for talents and skills without any criteria. University with skill-based courses like catering, photography, etc., welcome students without IELTS/TOEFL.


You can possess your higher education on masters and Ph.D. in Germany if you hold bachelor graduation with English as instruction mode.

Bottom Line

All over the world, in every country, some universities allow students to enroll in various courses without IELTS as mandatory criteria. Find the opportunities for your abroad education.