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Study abroad in Singapore

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Singapore is nowadays becoming a Global school house providing a wide and distinct mixture of educational services in the cosmopolitan and safe environment. It is the main hub of education in Asia. To study in Singapore, let you be aware that the dynamic city is rich in colors and contrast and you can find out the various combinations of cuisine, culture, architecture, and arts. More than 16 leading foreign universities have set up their centers of excellence in research and education. SCHOLAB Overseas Education has tie-ups with most of the famous universities in Singapore.

There are several Top end private universities and colleges that add diversity to the nation’s landscape of education. Studies in Singapore for Indian students will be affordable and also the living cost is still lower than in many developed countries. As the leading abroad studies consultants, we assist our talented and qualified students who need financial assistance and they need filling forms of scholarships, loans, etc. Singapore is considered as the global hub for business with its developed infrastructure, open business policy, and political stability.

Education in Singapore

For several years altogether, the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia have remained the first choice for all those who wish to study abroad. But with the changing times and technologies, students have started to explore other destinations too which can offer educational experiences. One such destination is nowadays Singapore. It is the fastest emerging country which is producing their own space for higher education from an overseas location. Particularly for Indian students, Singapore presents itself as the lucrative choice given the proximity of the nation to India and not just culture-wise but also geographically.

Singapore is cheaper than other Asian neighbors, we at SCHOLAB Overseas Education help you compare it with the other popular destinations like Canada Australia, you will be able to see how Singapore is affordable than other destinations.

Top Universities

Have a glance at the top universities in Singapore from where you would like to pursue your studies.. We have shortlisted
these names keeping in mind each single aspect of quality education!

Top 10 Universities For Foreign Study In Singapore Are:

Top courses in Singapore

Keeping quality as a top priority, it has recorded a portion of the top courses to concentrate in Singapore along with the best establishments and charges for the course.

  • MBA
    One of the significant courses to pay special attention to in Singapore is MBA. The country offers the ever best platform to become an efficient MBA person and has the top universities that offers the course.
  • Banking and finance
    Being the place for business exercises in Asia, Singapore has seen a spray in the Banking and Finance related courses over a couple of years. Obviously, one reason behind the lift is the accessibility of work openings in this field.
  • Construction
    Being an innovation center, Singapore has made a name among worldwide students in designing courses. It includes the best 50 colleges on the planet for building and innovation in significant rankings.
  • Software engineering and IT
    A degree in Computer Science gets ready students with specific enthusiasm for data innovation and PCs. Software engineering research is identified with zones, for example, Artificial Intelligence, Systems, and Networking, Computational Biology, Database Management, etc.

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How to apply for studying in Singapore?

Choose your Course and Institution

The initial move towards picking an institute is to find out its status as a Designated Learning Institution. No one but DLIs can give you unique studies.

Take the Language Proficiency Test

So as to effectively pick up the section into Singapore, each international student should demonstrate capability in English. IELTS is the test for checking capability in English, with certain universities that need English.

Apply to Chosen Universities

Presently the time has come to contact your wait-list of colleges, acquire their application packs, and submit them well ahead of time. Having the decision of applying to a few colleges can be worthwhile however you should consider the application expense.

Apply for a Study Permission with keeping documents ready

Since you have a foundation prepared to concede you, the time has come to apply for the Singapore Study Permit. You can apply on the web or visit your nearby visa application.

If you think that you will enjoy studying in Singapore, then it is really good to know the pros of staying there. Before reaching any verdict, get a clear idea about studies in Singapore.

  • Firstly, English is the main language spoken there. Singapore is an Asian Country but you need not stress about learning about the brand new language to get into the university. English is the main language which is taught within the classroom and it is also very normal to speak English outside your chosen university.
  • We help you in every possible way to choose the top university and set your path for the future. If you have a better check with the university having guidance under the SCHOLAB Overseas Education, it will be easy to decide the final decision.
  • Also, check out the requirement of the certificate which proves your fluency in English and provides the English proficiency exam before enrolling.
Lower and affordable fees

Safe and comfortable environment

Singapore is known for the country with strict laws and guidelines. And so we assure you that these laws are helpful to create a safe space for foreigners and locals.

The country is a well-developed infrastructure and convenient transport system which makes it easy for foreign students to roam around the country easily.

Eligibility criteria

  • You ought to be an Indian national.
  • You should have a powerful scholastic record.
  • You should look for admission to an expert, specialized, or another course of study.
  • You are more likely than not tied down admission to an unfamiliar college organization.
  • You should be over the age of 18 years or, in all likelihood your folks can profit the credit.
  • The time required to plan for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE would rely upon the current English language capability.
  • Candidates may expect 2 to 4 months of arrangement before the test date.

Documents you need to submit while applying –

One of the leading reasons for our popularity for helping students to study in Singapore is growing as the student’s destination is just because the country has a transparent education system. For applying for the studies, you generally need to submit your documents required as follows –

  • Your graduation certificate
  • Your high certificate
  • Filled application form
  • Your CV
  • Letter of intent
  • Proof for English proficiency
  • Proof that you can support financially during studies

Student Life In Singapore

There are numerous advantages if you get enrolled for studies in Singapore:
  • Affordable education – Many of us wish to move overseas for higher studies. Thus the high cost of education in foreign locations acts as a deterrent to our plans. But Singapore is emerging as the viable option for high-class education at an affordable cost. The fees for universities and colleges and the living cost in Singapore are less compared to the UK, USA, or Australia.
  • High-quality educational programs – As the cost of studies in Singapore is less, it does not mean anyway that they compromise with the quality of the education. We as the leading consultant assure you that now Singapore is known as the best place for higher studies. The system of education provides a higher scope, career, and innovation than any other nation.
  • International exposure – Singapore hosts or sponsors students from around 30 countries, which means that students who are moving to Singapore for their further studies will get the change to acquaint themselves with the ideas and cultures of different nationalities.
  • Get the best job opportunities – Singapore has built itself as the global economic activity hub. Many of the reputed firms from around the world are setting up campuses in Singapore. As per the estimate, Singapore has around 26 international corporations. The activities in economics at such a huge scale mean that there are no corners for job opportunities in the country as it has a wide scope of opportunities that never ends for graduates.
  • Safety – As far as the safety of International students is concerned, Singapore has the non-tolerance policy towards raging and other types of physical and mental abuse, both on campus as well as outside. The people of Singapore also have a very warm and welcoming attitude towards people from various countries.

These are the few benefits that you can get if you choose to study in Singapore. If you want a better career and experience the best of east and west Singapore, then it stands out as the top best destination for foreign students that aim for high-quality education. It is also a great place for those who would love to have easy access to popular southeast Asian destinations. Connect with our team of Overseas Study program and get your queries resolved.

Why is Singapore becoming an educational Hub for International Students?

So if you have decided to go to study in Singapore, then lots of opportunities are waiting for you. And for any queries, we at SCHOLAB Overseas Education are with you at every step for guidance helping you whenever necessary. For further details contact us now!

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