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Study in Dubai

Planning to study abroad in the Dubai? SCHOLAB is here for you.. We will assist you in every manner to let your dreams turn into reality..

Dubai is the melting pot of eastern, western, and Islamic culture. It is in-between Europe, Africa, and Asia has high technological development with the traditional religious living ways. Dubai is the combination of cultural mixtures and evolved quickly from the trading center into the enormous metropolis. Never miss any chance of studying abroad in Dubai – known as the land of opportunities, whether you are a business person, student, or traveler.

Dubai is one of the largest cities of the United Arab Emirates and has ranked the sixth-largest oil reserves all over the world. The city boasts of a state of the art infrastructure – an awesome skyline and the breathtaking design. The emirate is considered as the monarchy but there are political stability and peace all around, most of the people follow a lavish lifestyle and the economy is just thriving round.

Education In Dubai

Scholab Overseas education is known as the best abroad education consultants in India. This guides you to study in different countries like UK, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, etc. To know about the education system in Dubai here is some advice from our side. Most of the universities provide scholarships in combination with the particular programs and students having the best academic performances get scholarships in the next year. There are also alumni scholarships up to around 10% of the entrance fee for students who have graduated from the university.

Universities give various discounts to students who register early or pay their entire fees in advance. So if you are creative, then you can keep your cost of living low and have extra lump sum left to roam Dubai and UAE.

Due to the economic condition of Dubai, there is a rising demand for students’ jobs and are known as very essential for the next generation to learn English as a good way to get better opportunities.

There are many opportunities for students’ jobs where you can enjoy, learn, and earn a good amount for your studies as well as for exploring Dubai.

Top Universities

Have a glance at the top universities in Dubai from where you would like to pursue your studies.. We have shortlisted
these names keeping in mind each single aspect of quality education!

Top 10 Universities For Foreign Study In Dubai Are:

Top courses available in Dubai

The things which come to mind when mentioning Dubai is the flashy shopping destination. But what many of the people are not knowing of Dubai is that they boost the high-quality education providing better career opportunities in sectors such as finance, management, and engineering.

  • MBA
    Like most of the countries in the world, the MBA is famous and known as one of the top courses to study in Dubai. Dubai is considered as the land of many opportunities.
  • Engineering
    As the land of business, Dubai is dependent on all new technology being launched all around the world. The mega buildings of the city are the proof that it is as much as advanced in producing the new technology of engineering as it is providing the business platform for leaders all over the world.
  • Finance and Accounts
    Finance is the field for which Dubai is well known. It is the hub of finance of UAE along with West Asia. Many of the international business houses have their firms in the nation which involves the major international banks.
  • Medical
    For over a long time, the UAE is seeing the number of migrators to UAE for working in the medical sector. Thus, in the last few years, Dubai is seeing the rise in the number of international students getting enrolled in medical universities.

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How to apply for higher studies in Dubai?

First of all –
  • Find out the courses you wish to choose, Check out the top universities
  • You can then search out for the top universities providing a particular course.
  • Check out its fees and other detailed information according to your requirements.
  • Apply for the course
  • Now apply for the course you have chosen. Take the guidance of experts for completing the process like us at the SCHOLAB Overseas Education.
  • Submit all documents needed
  • The documents asked to you by institute or university, submit all those within the period given.
  • Confirm the enrollment
  • Now you can confirm the enrollment as per your choice. Keep updated with the procedure going on for enrollment.
Dubai is the most sought after destination to choose higher education in the middle east. Several reasons show the benefits of Dubai –
  • Provides an excellent system for academics which stands out on the par with the western standards.
  • Scope for the tax-free earnings from the chance of employment after post-graduation or after graduation.
  • Low cost of studies if compared to other abroad countries such as the UK, USA, or Australia.
  • You can then search out for the top universities providing a particular course. Check out its fees and other detailed information according to your requirements.
  • The stability in politics, cosmopolitan living standards, and the safe city to study as well as stay.
  • It is flexible which makes it the perfect option for students and families who still require money for colleges after using scholarships, discounts, grants, and other student loans.

We even encourage students as well as families to evaluate all anticipated monthly loan payments and how many students expect to earn in their future – before choosing the private student loan.

Eligibility criteria to study in Dubai

Few criteria are been set for studying in Dubai –
  • The candidate must have completed a minimum of 12 years of school.
  • Few universities in Dubai needs the minimum percentage of around 50 to 60% if you have the CBSE and ISC board.
  • Students need to take the English proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS and candidates obtain the cut-off score.
  • Students must have the certificate of complete schooling or if applied for postgraduate then they must have an undergraduate degree.

Documents you need to submit while applying –

One of the leading reasons for our popularity for helping students to study in Dubai is growing as the student’s destination is just because the country has a transparent education system. For applying for the studies, you generally need to submit your documents required as follows –

  • Your graduation certificate
  • Your high certificate
  • Your CV
  • Letter of intent
  • Proof for English proficiency
  • Proof that you can support financially during studies

Students life in Dubai!

So let us check out things which you must know for Dubai studies –
Living cost

The living cost in Dubai is very much the same as living in the US. so the average meal at the cheapest restaurant is around 6.81 USD whereas the meal for two at a mid-range restaurant is around 40 USD. The one-bedroom apartment in the city will be around between 1000 to 1700 USD that depends on how near you to the city center and where you choose to live.


Full-time students are sponsored by their education institute if the institution is eligible. Student visas are generally valid for one year at a time and renewed every year. The medical test at an unauthorized UAE medical center will also be needed. This will check HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis, syphilis, and leprosy.


Dubai is home to around 150 nationalities. Arabic is the national language and English is the main business language in Dubai. English, Hindi, Urdu, and Farsi are also spoken by most of the people in the city.

  • The chance to study and live during sun, sea, and sand with the booming economy for booting.
  • Some of the best universities are in the Gulf region.

So housing is the high dependency on which institution the student chooses to study out of the country. For some of the universities in Dubai have their on-campus housing where students are provided with a safe environment while being a mere walking distance from their institute. While other universities make students responsible for their housing. In such cases, the costs of housing must be paid somewhere around 8 weeks before the beginning of the program, so don’t forget to register yourself at the earliest.

What you can do in Dubai?

There are several exciting things you can do and check out in Dubai. Students who are studying abroad like in Dubai explore shopping malls, traditional souks, or tall skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa.

Do you enjoy eateries? Yes, right? Dubai has a wide range of restaurants and cheap yet chic street shops too. Students get enjoyment and exploration along with their studies. No worries, SCHOLAB Overseas Education allows students to explore Dubai in their ways.

Now if we talk about social and cultural life – what do you wish to know?

Dubai is one of the leading destinations for studying abroad as students are eager to explore the middle east. Thousands of students arrive for the multicultural and cosmopolitan character in the city and have a good opportunity to select between various education systems for making them feel more like home. Dubai makes students feel like they are at their own home having a beautiful cultural and social life.

So I finally decided to go to Dubai for further studies and grab lots of opportunities? If so, the SCHOLAB Overseas Education is just waiting for you. Call now!

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The scholab consultancy is considered as the best one for study abroad in Dubai because this education consultant Dubai guides you to study abroad by offering right guidelines. The scholab consultancy team holds extensive experience and also they make the admission process easier. They also guide you to prepare your visa application.

The cost will vary from institute and university, based upon the university they will you want to pay the cost for your study. The overseas education consultants Dubai will help the students to build their career path towards success. They will also help you to precede your process step by step so you no need to worry about the admission and visa.

The education is free for UAE citizens the government will provide the fees directly to the university so you can get free education. You need to prepare an outstanding application and also you need to apply for the scholarship offered by UAE universities. If youapproachstudy abroad consultants in Dubai they can arrange everything with an affordable cost.

The Dubai government will offer a scholarship for education to Benjamin A. if you need to gets a scholarship. The international students can also apply for the scholarship through the global organization. When you study abroad education consultants in Dubai they will help to guide for getting the scholarship so you can easily get it from them.