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Study abroad in Canada

Planning to study abroad in the Canada? SCHOLAB is here for you.. We will assist you in every manner to let your dreams turn into reality..

Planning for your bright future or career can be both scary as well as an exciting phase in your life. Scholab Overseas education is known as the best abroad education consultant in Kerala. There are several choices available from which you need to choose. To widen the horizons and wish to experience more, many of the students choose to study abroad in countries like Canada.

The reason behind students choosing Canada for study purposes is because many colleges come in the top position. Canada is the bilingual nation that makes studying as the greatest opportunity for developing new language skills and boosts up your confidence as well as make an interesting career.

At once we all have planned to study abroad and when the name “Canada comes, there is no chance one does not strike about any consultants for enrolling in college like overseas study programs.

Education In Canada

Canada is one of the best-known options for higher studies. We provide the various institutes and universities options of both french and English medium educational systems that enrich your cultural, social, and community life.

Canada is well known for its lower university fees among all English speaking countries. Whatever is your budget, you will get something suitable for you in our wide range of options in the education sector.

So what are you waiting for? Adventure and the best career are waiting for you in Canada. It is one of the biggest things about studying in Canada which is the chance to feel the atmosphere, culture, and the living style which is beyond everything.

So ready to set the career with lots of opportunities?

Top Universities

Have a glance at the top universities in Canada from where you would like to pursue your studies.. We have shortlisted
these names keeping in mind each single aspect of quality education!

Top 10 Universities For Foreign Study In Canada Are:

Top courses available in Canada for Indian students!

There are a number of international students moving to Canada for higher studies. Canada provides high-quality education and worldwide known degrees. It is really a great place to live in with a safe, stable, and cultural society.
  • MBA
    MBA is known as one of the popular courses in Canada. The majority of MBA aspirants go abroad for studies where they get work experience, and especially the good job to study abroad in Canada.
  • Computer Science and IT
    IT graduates have always chosen Canada for higher studies. IT software engineers have been considered as the best hub for IT education.
  • Engineering and Technology
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  • Business and Finance
    Finance always plays an important role in the economy of the nation. So with the finance degree, you will have a better understanding of the functions and applications of financial markets. Economics is another subject with a wide scope of career.
  • Agriculture science and forestry
    The rising population has been the main issue that includes the change in climate, global warming, and food security. And that is where agriculture science plays an important role to solve such issues.
  • Medical science and healthcare
    As long as there is life on earth, the significance of medicine, biological science, pharmacy, and biotechnology will always be there. The field of biological science and life is wide with various fields like MBBS, dentistry, etc.

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Study abroad in Canada – how and when to apply?

Students who are hoping to seek advanced education in Canada would require to be qualified for it. Students would be required to show up for language and general tests relying upon the order of the chosen course and the chosen college.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and Pearson Test of English (PTE) are totally normalized language tests, which are required to be cleared to get enrolled into universities.

These follow various configurations, structures, and result groups.
These tests are generally extraordinary in different manners however numerous colleges request any of the outcomes. So it’s dependent upon the student to choose which test to show up for.

Eligibility criteria

Students who are focusing on the admission ought to preferably show up for these tests so they can apply before the first cutoff time. The colleges you will apply to the course by specifying which test results they will acknowledge. In any case, if they give a decision to go for both of these, at that point the decision relies upon you.

The time required to plan for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE would rely upon the current English language capability. Candidates may expect 2 to 4 months of arrangement before the test date.

Documents Checklist

One of the leading reasons for our popularity for helping students to study in Canada is growing as the student’s destination is just because the country has a transparent education system. For applying for the studies, you generally need to submit your documents required as follows –
  • Your graduation certificate
  • Your high certificate
  • Filled application form
  • Your CV
  • Letter of intent
  • Proof for English proficiency
  • Proof that you can support financially during studies

Students live in Canada

Canada boasts a high quality of life along with affordable living costs in Canada such as housing, tuition, transportation which are lower compared to other countries like the US and UK. Canada also provides stability, safety, and respect for the rights of individuals and communities.
If you are looking for high standard life, Canada has it along with high living standards with high-quality studies. We assure you that it is a great place to live and learn. And this is the reason Canada is ranked number 1 in the entire world when it comes to the future of Students. We make them help choose their interesting field according to their choice.
  • Set the bright future or career ahead
  • Enjoy social, cultural and community life
  • Canada makes students learn to develop a personality and settle there with comfort.
  • Gain confidence
  • Cost affordable
  • A trustworthy and transparent system

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Application Process

How to apply for the application process might be the question in your mind... So,
let you not multiply your queries and get the application process flow mentioned below.

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