Why Should You Study At UK University? - SCHOLAB OVERSEAS EDUCATION

The United Kingdom is one of the most sought after countries in the world for higher education. The UK houses some of the oldest universities in the world with its roots in the 12th and 13th centuries. With such a rich and strong legacy, education in the UK has become a benchmark for various countries across the world. The universities in the UK have an undisputed reputation for excellence and quality academics. Due to this reason, the UK has been a dream destination for over a million students from all over the world. Let us walk through various reasons why the UK is the ideal destination for education.

Academic Excellence

You can find one of the best academic standards in the universities of the UK. It houses four universities out of the top 10 universities in the world such as Oxford and Cambridge. The curriculum in the universities is designed in such a way that it promotes practical and utility-based knowledge over text-book learning. This will help you develop critical thinking and analytical skills along with creative ability in your chosen discipline. The degree obtained from UK University is recognized worldwide.

High-Quality Education

An independent body in the UK- the quality assurance agent regularly assesses the education standards of all the universities and colleges. The QAA checks the performance of the university through various audits and subject reviews. This helps in identifying the best education scheme and sends feedback for improvisation in the current system. The standards of the education system are also monitored by the higher education funding bodies in the UK who publish their findings at regular intervals to the students and the boards. Such regulated analysis ensures that the students have access to the best quality learning experience and highest standards of research and teaching irrespective of the course selected.

The Course Duration is Short

The courses in the UK are different from other countries. Though the courses are short it is intensive and you will graduate earlier without any compromise with the quality. Usually, an under-graduate program takes about three years to be completed while in the UK you can finish the UG course in a year with the same quality. This not only saves a lot of time but it also saves the money that is spent on tuition and living for two years.

You can Work and Learn

If you want to manage everyday expenses on your own while studying, you can go for a part-time job for around 20 hours per week. During the semester breaks, you can opt for full-time jobs too. The educational agency will help you find a suitable job in the locality. This will help you in paying the bills and gain industry experience from your field of interest.

Work Permit After the Duration of the Course

Since 2015 there have been some changes in the post-study work visa. You can stay in the UK after the completion of graduation if you get a job offer with an annual salary of 20,800 pounds. In order to work in the country, you have to switch from a tier 4 visa to a tier 2. You can opt for this type of visa and stay in Uk after the completion of the course.

Health Benefits for the Students

As an international student staying in the UK you will get free medical treatment via the National Health Service. To avail of this service, all you have to do is pay a small international health surcharge. You can get the details from your educational agent.

Bottom Line

If you are aspiring to experience world-class education, start your hunt and consult the best counselors of overseas education UK to guide you through each and every aspect.