Types of Scholarship Available in Abroad - SCHOLAB OVERSEAS EDUCATION

It is an excellent achievement in a student’s life to get a scholarship and especially to get that from a foreign country matters a lot. There are numerous countries across the world, which offer types of scholarship programs for Indian students. Actually, most of the scholarships are offered for Ph.D. programs and master pursuing students.

 But still, there are some scholarships that certain universities provide for undergraduate students. You can avail of that with the help of the abroad admission consultants. Here are some of the most popular scholarships that the reputed universities offer. 

Tata Scholarship- Cornell University, USA

This scholarship is provided by Tata education and development trust to help approximately 20 Indian scholars collaborate with Cornell University. This scholarship is awarded annually, and the recipients would receive their duration of the scholarship for undergraduate studies at that particular Cornell University.

The University has got a specific endowment from the Tata trust that offers free education to students from India. Ratan Tata is a Cornell trustee, and the Tata group is one of the largest and most reputed business establishments around the world. To know better about this scholarship, you can approach the best abroad consultancy in India.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship-UK

The commission of Commonwealth scholarship provides this scholarship. It is primarily offered to Indian students with an English medium background and has a minimum score of 60% in social studies and humanities. They should at least have 65% marks in technology, engineering, science, and agriculture to avail the benefits of this scholarship. 

The maximum scholarship is quite enough to cover the tuition fee, living expenses, and economy class return of the airfare. The best abroad education services also apply for this scholarship for you when you are eligible for it.

Felix Scholarship- UK

It is specially introduced to support the meritorious underprivileged students who are there to study in the UK. It is offered for students who want to pursue their postgraduate degrees in the UK. The applicant of this scholarship must have a first-class bachelor’s degree from an authorized university. And they should also be under the age of 30 years. Most of the abroad studies consultancy refers to this scholarship for their students. 

Fulbright Nehru Fellowships- USA

The United States India Educational Foundation provides this fellowship to Indians who need to do their master’s degree in culture and arts, gender studies, international legal studies, urban and regional planning, etc.

 It is available for the students who have completed their four years of education, and they should also have at least three-year work experience. The evaluation for the scholarship will be based on leadership skills, communication skills, etc. This scholarship will cover the expenses of the tuition fee, air ticket economy, and living expenses. 

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award- British Columbia University, Canada

This scholarship is available for international students applying for the undergraduate programs at this particular University in Canada. To be eligible for this, the applicant must meet the requirements of the program. They should also have a proper English language and should submit all the required documents. This scholarship includes all the expenses like living expenses, tuition fees, air ticket charges, establishment charges, etc.  

Australia Awards Scholarship

This is an entirely funded scholarship awarded to both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants from India. But it should be applied from specific Indian Universities to create more chances to avail it. The applicant should be a recent graduate who got completed from a particular target institution. The expenses cover all the students’ fundamentals, including the tuition fee, living expenses, etc. 

Bottom Line

Thus, you have seen some of the famous and highly recommended foreign scholarships offered to Indian students. Make use of it as per your eligibility criteria, and you can also discuss this with the best abroad consultancy to have the proper knowledge.