Top 3 Countries to Immigration in 2021 - SCHOLAB OVERSEAS EDUCATION

As the pandemic is hopefully coming under control with the development of a vaccine and the people wishing to migrate overseas are expecting 2021 with optimism. They are all now looking at the choices to study, work or migrate overseas. So you have to decide based on the current monitoring of the immigration trends across the world during this pandemic and some consequent changes in the immigration policies of several countries. If you are a person from Kerala then fortunately there are many best immigration consultants in Kerala so you can get help from them. With all these considerations these are the top three countries that you should consider when you decide to immigrate in 2021. 


Canada is the second-largest country in the world, and over the years it has become a trendy destination for people who want to migrate to other countries. To settle down in Canada holds the promise of a comfortable lifestyle. It also provides numerous job opportunities and the promise of personal freedom to you. With this part, Canada already has a very long history of welcoming immigrants, and it facilitates their integration into the Canadian cultures. When you are planning to migrate to Canada then you can approach the best immigration consultants in Kochi to ensure safety.

Why Choose Canada? 

You can find lots of job opportunities in Canada as it respects skilled workers. The country eventually offers opportunities to foreign workers. They can work in any of health care, technology, legal, business and finance, community and social service, etc. It also offers various courses and programs for the students. Most of the universities offer numerous research opportunities.


This has always been a popular destination for immigration. One of the most favorable factors of this country is its thriving economy. From this, it is clear that it offers more job opportunities. It is a place of peace and harmony so it promises to provide a better quality of life and a multicultural society.  It follows more immigration-friendly policies to allow people to settle here. This is the reason that most of the immigration consultants in Kerala refer this place to most of their customers.

Why Choose Australia? 

Australia provides various job opportunities for immigrants in multiple sectors. It has employee-friendly policies, an attractive lifestyle, and social harmony. It is also a top destination for students. Some of the universities here are featured among the top universities in the world. The universities here are well known for their quality of education and the variety of courses they offer. 


Germany has one of the fastest and well-organized immigration processes. When you are migrating for employment then Germany is the best place to choose. With the right qualification and experience, you can find lots of job opportunities here in Germany. It offers a huge job market for professionals in the field of technology, engineering, and manufacturing sectors. If you are planning to visit Germany then the immigration consultants in Trivandrum can help you. 

Why Choose Germany? 

Germany has a fast-growing economy and a wide range of job opportunities in multiple sectors. It also offers competitive salary packages for immigrants. It creates an attractive option for overseas job seekers. There are various types of visa options for non-EU countries to visit here. In Germany, several universities are offering various courses in a broad range of subjects. And most of them are very affordable too so international students can opt for a range of subjects.  

Final Thoughts

These are the top three countries to immigration in this period after a big global disaster. And it is highly important to consult the best immigration consultancy to have a better experience.